Economic Crisis

Ha-Joon Chang (Cambridge).
in The Guardian. Friday 30 August 2013
Another financial crisis looms if rich countries can’t kick their addiction to cash injection

Hagendorf, Klaus. 2013.
Investment Contributions Against Austerity.
Available at SSRN:

The trivial insight that capital accumulation is a socially necessary activity but under capitalist institutions left to the private profit motivated considerations of the financial capitalists leads to the proposal to introduce investment contributions and collective investment funds, democratically controlled by the wage and salary-earners. In this way the full-employment policies can be assured and in addition the funds can be used in the context of the euro area to balance out intra-euro-area trade deficits via direct investments in the deficit areas to increase their productivity. The wage-earner investment funds should in the end crowd out capitalism.


The Manifesto of the Appalled Economists

In 2010 the French economist André Orléan together with colleagues created the association “Les économistes atterrés” as a response to the néo-liberal reaction to the world economic and financial crisis.

Here is their manifesto:

in English:  Manifesto_of_the_appalled_economists (2010)

en français: Manifeste d’économistes atterrés (2010)

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