History of Economic Policy

Philippe Herzog: Another Economic Policy Was Possible in the 1980s. And it would have been necessary.

English translation of the former chief economist of the French Communist Party on the economic policy of the left government under the presidency of François Mitterand in the 1980s. The original French article is at http://www.slate.fr/tribune/57303/herzog-gauche-autre-politique-economique-1980

Contribution to the Symposium of the “Fondation Gabriel Péri” on “Economic Policy of the Left in France 1936 – 2002 “, Paris, Fondation Gabriel Péri, May 2012.
See also the website of Philippe Herzog

La page sur le Programme commun de gouvernement du PS et du PCF sur le site jean-jaures.org: 27 Juin 1972 : la signature du Programme commun de gouvernement.

PCF 1976 – Les principes de la politique du Parti Communiste Français

This is a pamphlet of 1976, written for new members of the French Communist Party, (PCF), to introduce them to the principles of the policies of the PCF. If the political parts are outdated most of the section on economics is certainly still relevant today.

Les Archives de la section économique du PCF de 1974 – 1981

Michel Husson. 2001. Le PCF et l’économie

Michel Husson presents here an “anti-stalinist” crtique of the political instrumentalisation of Marxist economic theory by the communist economists of the PCF in the 1960s and 1970s.

Rudolf Meidner. 1993. Why did the Swedish Model fail?
from The Socialist Register. 1993, vol. 29, pp. 211-228.

Rudolf Meidner, one of the former leading economists of the Swedish Labour movement analyses the social-democratic economic policies after World War II especially also the introduction of Wage-Earner Investment Funds (Meidner Plan) as an approach to Socialization of Investment or collective capital formation.

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