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Dipl.-Ökonom Klaus Hagendorf

Postal Address:

20, rue Turgot
75009 Paris
Email: eurodos@gmail.com
Internet: http://eurodos.free.fr/mime

I am a German economist (MA) and live since 2003 in France. Since then I am unemployed because I am politically (that is illegally) persecuted by the German authorities. These persecutions and terrorisations sometimes abominable, going on by now for more than 25 years have seriously damaged my health.

Nevertheless, I am working on my project MIME – A Marxian Introduction to Modern Economics. In this context I have published dozens of articles which are accessible on my Internet site as well as my SSRN Author Page: http://ssrn.com/author=1182224.

With more than 2000 downloads of my articles (SSRN plus RePEc) I belong to the top 10% of the authors of the SSRN database.

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Data: Klaus Hagendorf
Date of birth: 4 January 1955 in Peine, West Germany
Studies of Economics University of Hanover, Germany
University College London
Degree: Diplom-Ökonom (Master)
Thesis: “Economic Consequences of Military Expanditure” (in German).
Internet Site since 1997 EURODOS – Socialist Documentation for Europe
Since 2003 MIME – A Marxian Introduction to Modern Economics – Economics platform of the EURODOS Internet Site
(Selection, see also my SSRN Author Page http://ssrn.com/author=1182224)

2005 – A Note on Ronald Meek’s ‘Studies in the Labour Theory of Value’,
2008 – Spreadsheet Solutions of Kantorovich’s LP Problems in his article of 1939,
“Mathematical Methods of Organizing and Planning Production”
2010 – The Cobb-Douglas Production Function and Political Economy,
2010 – A Critique of Gossen’s Fundamental Theorem of the Theory of Pleasure,
2011 – The Labour Theory of Value: A Marginal Analysis,
2011 – Monopoly Power and Labour Values,
2011 – Crowding out Capitalism: A Law of Historical Materialism,
2011 – An Industrial Relations Framework for the Euro Area: Efficient, Converging and                   Equitable,
2012 – Victor Valentinovich Novozhilov: A Marxian Mathematical Economist. In Honour of
the 120th Anniversary of His Birth, Word Review of Political Economy, WRPE,                     Vol. 3, 2012, No. 2, pp. 203-217.


Since Oct. 2007    Actuel Marx, EconomiX, AHE, AFEP, Gretha Bordeaux, Engecon St.
Petersburg, Int. Conférence sur Rosa Luxemburg, EAEPE

My most important results are summarized in the following article:

Investment Contributions Against Austerity
SSRN Database : http://ssrn.com/abstract=2262696

The trivial insight that capital accumulation is a socially necessary activity but under capitalist institutions left to the private profit motivated considerations of the financial capitalists leads to the proposal to introduce investment contributions and collective investment funds, democratically controlled by the wage and salary-earners. In this way the full-employment policies can be assured and in addition the funds can be used in the context of the euro area to balance out intra-euro-area trade deficits via direct investments in the deficit areas to increase their productivity. The wage-earner investment funds should in the end crowd out capitalism.

JEL Classifications: B1, E22, P21, P33
Key words: economic democracy, full-employment policies, investment contributions,
Rehn-Meidner model,  Marxian Macroeconomics, wage-earner investment funds.

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