Economic Policy

This section on left economic policy presents important contributions to the debate on socialist economic policies relating to various levels of government and society. The core issue is the establishment of the control over capital. The introduction of an investment contribution in addition to the social contribution of the salary and the democratic control over those investment funds is the most important reform necessary to establish a democratic economy (See also Socialisation of Investment). However, the concrete situation of the 2nd World economic crisis of capitalism demands the consideration of a wide variety of themes.

The economic policies of the left political parties in Europe

French political parties

Parti Communiste Français
Intervention d’André Chassaigne – Déclaration de politique générale du gouvernement – 2012
After the presidential election and the general elections of 2012 by the leader of the left group in the Assemblée nationale, André Chassaigne.

Intervention d’André Chassaigne sur le débat de politique générale – 2014
After the local elections the French President François Hollande changed the Prime Minister. The government of the new PM, Manuel Valls is criticised in this pamphlet.

Le journal économique du PCF :

Parti de gauche
Econmics Section of the Parti de Gauche
Guillaume Etievant Le problème c’est le coût du capital.

The economic policies of the trade unions

ETUC – European Trade Union Confederation
Bernadette Ségol – Why European trade unions are marching on 04/04/2014
ETUC Resolution on the European Semester 2014 – ETUC Key Messages for the European Council

CGT – La Confédération générale du travail (French)
CGT 2010 – The propositions of the economists of the CGT to overcome the economic crisis (in French)

LO – The Swedish Trade Union Confederation
LO priorities for activities at European level 2014-2019 Full employment, regulated labour market, democracy and transparency – 40 proposals for a better EU

The economic policies of governments

The European Commission – Jean Claude Juncker 2014
Political Guidelines for the next European Commission
Die Linke MdB Michael Schlecht kommentiert J. C. Junckers “Mogelpackung”.

The economic policies of Think Tanks

Michel Husson 2014. La dette publique est illégitime.

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