Journal Articles

This page presents Klaus Hagendorf’s articles published in professional journals. Other versions of the articles are usually to be found on the SSRN author page.

Hagendorf, Klaus. 2012. Victor Valentinovich Novozhilov: A Marxian Mathematical Economist. In Honour of the 120. Anniversary of His Birth. World Review of Political Economy 3 (2): 203–17.

Hagendorf, Klaus. 2014. The Labor Theory of Value: A Marginal Analysis.World Review of Political Economy 5 (2): 231–57. doi:10.13169/worlrevipoliecon.5.2.0231.

Hagendorf, Klaus. 2015. Et maintenant la démocratie économique : Pour une cotisation d’investissement. L’Humanité, 18 mars 2015, p. 13.

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